Ways Aeration Can Make My Yard Healthy

Do you need to know the reasons why you should aerate your lawn during the fall season? Well to summarize, here are the following benefits you can have in aerating your yard: Aeration can control turf disease, weeds, as it also aids in repairing grub damage and revitalize the color of your lawn. Provided such benefits, you probably won’t find any reasons why not to aerate your home. Lawn experts at Lawn Care Merced will be guiding you in this article as they come up with some explanation of why aeration would be the best thing you could do for your yard to maintain its health condition as much as possible. 


Weed control and aeration 

Rather than carrying over a huge jug of herbicide every time patch of crabgrass or a dandelion pops up, you can combat the development of weed with the help of aeration. The procedure will eliminate tiny plugs from the soil each couple of inches apart that can enable fertilizer, oxygen, and water or some essential nutrients to penetrate into the reach and soil grassroots. It enables the roots themselves to lounge, promoting greener and lusher development of lawn. The thick grass can crowd out weeds, which makes it even impossible or at least more challenging for them to develop. 

Turf disease and aeration 

If your soil is compacted, it is bad for your grass. It’s not that absorbent, and thatch—the decomposing vegetation’s thin layer between soil and grass—could also stop nutrients, sunlight, and air from getting into the roots of the grass once it becomes compressed. Driving or walking on grass leads, rainfall, and overwatering can result in the compaction of your soil, which results in lawn disease. Once you aerate your yard, you won’t just loosen soil but it can break up thatch as well. Professional lawn caretaker suggests that you must perform at least 1 aeration every year. The perfect time is fall season since the development of roots is at its peak. 

Grub damage and aeration 

One of the most hazardous pests that could get inside and below your lawns would be grubs. Though our experts suggest different ways to control grubs, you could still provide a great grub prevention punch if aerating is the one thing you opt to do. Though aeration won’t be controlling grub damage, seeding and core aeration could aid to fix the damages done behind because of grubs. Thick thatch and compacted could play as increased grub protection as it keeps them from natural predators like birds. Also, it protects them from a lot of pesticide treatments done. The holes of aeration disrupt those protections, making it simple for pesticides and predators to get into grubs within your soil. 

Provided all those benefits, it is just amazing how much one aeration could help in rejuvenating a lawn as it restores its rich green color and its fullness. Keep on reading about the aeration’s benefits and why you should consider this to do for your yard.